Arabic Calligraphy

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Exhibition ” Garden of words “:

I offer you an exhibition of around 40 paintings, of Arabic and Latin calligraphies.
These paintings are inspired by quotes on ecology, biodiversity, interdependence, harmony.

All these paintings are published in the form of postcards.

The paintings can be accompanied by collectors’ items (to be displayed in showcases): tools, inkwells and books on Latin, Arabic and Chinese calligraphy and some documents to trace the evolution of writing (posters), clay tablets on cuneiform writing, papyrus on Egyptian hieroglyphs in order to trace the history of writing and calligraphy.

This exhibition is entitled “Garden of words”, the title of my latest collection. It can sensitize visitors to nature and the need to respect the environment. During the opening it is followed by a demonstration, lasting about 20 minutes, during which I talk about the art of calligraphy and I make a painting to illustrate my words. This exhibition can be accompanied by a demonstration during the opening, training courses, animation around the theme of the first name or conference on the history of the writing.