Arabic Calligraphy

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Onsite realization in colour on various quality paper-sheets
Live discovery of numerous – traditional and modern – painting tools, often custom made with cut read (calame), feather, bamboo, balsa (light wood), felt … These tools are made from light and soft materials that enhance the gestural effects of writing and accentuate the movement in order to paint with quick and acurate movements.

Duration: a full afternoon or evening. All the paintings are offered to the visitors
Activity for all audiences (children and adults) in cultural venues, festivals, libraries, etc.,
Also fit for oriental celebration, pastries, mint tea for conviviality.
It would thus assume its socio-cultural goal: to allow an interaction with the parents and between various families in a place of meetings and exchanges.
I also intervene on other occasions: cultural celebrations, weddings ……

For individuals I also calligraphy your first name in the form of a color table See order section