Arabic Calligraphy

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Special edition of postcards and books

Texts inspired by universal themes and quotes

Cards prices:
– general public: 2 euros per unit
– business: between 0.40 and 0.50 euros ( depending on the quantity
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Wisdom and calligraphy

Collection of calligraphies – ​​ in French, English and Arabic.

On Peace, Love, Freedom, Fraternity …
artistic celebrations of universal wisdom borrowed to authors of all times and all countries

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Garden of words

Calligraphy-pieces by Salih – Texts by a selection of authors in ​​French, English and Arabic.

An hymn to our planet with its lush and protective nature.
Past and present authors, from all over the world, united in a single plea for Earth.

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Garden of knowledge

Illustrated tales on Nature and natural environment

A selection of texts from carious places and civilisations on man-nature relations
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